Recent Earworms

One for the bubbly psychedelic crowd SHPONGLE!!!

Metalcore done right, Propagandhi, who I picked up on after watching a documentary on Prime about Fat Wreck Chords (NoFx’s record label) who they were signed to in the 90s.

And lots of L7, in a sort of 90s trip down memory lane that turned into a oh they have a new lp out (Scatter the Rats), which this is from.

They too have a documentary L7: Pretend that we are Dead on Prime.

Also watched a couple of the Women of Rock Oral History Project interviews, which includes Donnita Sparks (L7) and Kira (Black Flag)

Finally picked up Scarred for Life volume 2 , which is the second compilation of imaginary 70s/80s UK TV theme tunes.

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