Easing out of lockdown, Bury Arcade Club

As a family, we are easing out of Covid 19 Lockdown. Which personally, as I work from home and don’t drive, seems to have gone on since the end of March last year. There’s a draft of what’s happened in that time, which I’ll get round to finishing off soonish. But I thought I’d post this as a quick return to blogging.

We went to Bury yesterday afternoon, and it was a time of great excitement. Our first proper family out since we returned from our Lanzarote Holiday last March (one for another catch-up post). We’ve had small outs, a trip out to the local garden centre to pick up a spade, and the girls have been out shopping a couple of times, but with the opening of food places inside, this was a return to the classic Newport family out.

Food first, since it was lunchtime, so did family favourite Pizza Express. I was especially happy since I thought it  had closed down during the 1st lockdown. The pizza was grand and quick to come out (always important when small impatient bellies need filling) and one of the increased number of vegan/veggie options.

Then while the girls did shopping at the Rock, I and H went to the Arcade Club (arcadeclub.co.uk) – three floors of arcade classics, before they joined us later. Everyone agreed that level three with its collection of old machines was the best, although I was a big fan of the Japanese game where cats rode pigs in a mad race. 🙂

When we got home, the weather was gorgeous, so Callie dog got a second walk. 🙂

I’ve missed this over the last year or so, and I feel somewhat shallow for saying that, given some of the big huge things going on in the world at the moment.  I’m noticeably more bouncy and content today. I’ve tried to stay positive during the lockdown, but I’ve had moments of depression and rage. Each time we go out to the outside world (strangely, my local dog-walks don’t count, they are like green corridors ending in large living rooms where we play ball), it’s like I’m a child again, gleefully running about rediscovering stuff.

Next up is a weekend away either in a cottage, city-Premier Inn or perhaps even the return of camping WITH THE DOG!

Oh my poor hearties, the excitement! 😀

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