Recently Its Been a Bit Like This…

Me with hot weather, fecking Tory Leadership Circus, kittens pooping in corner of H’s Bedroom (and he only noticing tonight, after it’s been doing it for five days ), and listening to goth music.

To expand…

Hot Weather – Last couple of days its been 34-37 degrees celsius. Yesterday was a record-breaking high. Apparently, we are going to have heatwaves like this every three years now, unless we get the Climate Emergency sorted.

Tory Leadership. So Boris has resigned, and we have to put up with a leadership contest splashed across the Media, in to appoint yet another unelected Primeminster – of dubious character. Whoopee.

Kittens pooping. We have a new cat, Max, who everyone loves dearly, but needs to do its poos outside!

Me and Max the Kitten

Listening to goth music…it was an accident, sometimes the YouTube algorithm gets it so wrong.

Posistive thing, I learnt that there’s a movie from 2011 that mixes Sean Penn being an ageing Robert Smith Goth with Talking Heads music, called This Must Be the Place.

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