Up & Down: Heave ho me hearties

Today was weird. Got up early to get ahead at work, I was a bit behind, only to find Darth Stevens was chilled out and easy about the work situation. Little Bother Boy (aka The Section head) was back today, adn ready to take on the world. YAY NOT. Me and Darth where summoned for a telling off, about the little spat we had two week over carkparking vai e-mail. It was very much “you don’t show my section up like that infront of the rest of the branch”. Darth then went for a meeting, and I was summoned in for a chat about work, and it turned out that LBB was concerned that I was being left on my own to do carparking, which I have been. Darth then latter took me to one side to talk about LBB outburst. Seems there seems to be some sort of personality clash going on between these two. I shall avoid. Still gave me some of the most intense 20 miniutes of my life, faithfull viewers.

Other than that had a fairly unproductive day. Oh yes and Claire, who looks as straight as a die, is turning out to be aright weirdo. Thiings are getting very Marx brothers, here.

Came home and had a huge sofa doze, about two hours, after a very satisfying tea. Then surfed a bit and now going to do some more writing.

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