Incredible Weekend

After a quiet night in with the missus on Friday, got geared up to go to Rock of ages on Saturday night. Apart from my stag do last September this is the first time I’ve been out clubbing for years!! It was also Ginger Matt’s leaving do. So time to get reved up for some major luncancy. First up was fun with hair. I’ve grown out my number three so large dollops of firm hold hair gel later and I was the possessor of a hair style which was a cross between Sid Viscous, Edward Scisscorhands and a mad professor. Unfortunately no photos were taken, so I may have to do it again!

Meet up with Ginger and Nice Andy at Becketts bank and sank a couple of nice ales while we chewed the cud about work and other such nonsense.

Next up was Tampopo. Maximum thanks to keefybabe for recommending this one. It was gorgeous!! We spent the whole meal saying how much better than Fuji Hieros it was. The only slightly surreal element was all the clanking and cooking noises, which made it sound as if we were eating by an Industrial music gig.

Meet lots of folks at the Fenton that I’ve not seen in yonks. It was good to see Foz, grannyannie, Richard, dr_misrule, deputy_dug, and Gothy Mark and Uncle Monty amongst others, who were all in fine shape 🙂

Then at some unknown time me, Ginger, Gothy Mark, Nice Andy, grannyannie & deputy_dug staggered up the road to the Union to go to Stylus & Rock of Ages. Defiantly no longer feel that connection with Leeds Union that I used to. Its all bright and sparkly! Stylus is impressive however. Kinda like a mini Nottingham Rock city. Danced loads to very cheesy music of my yoof and overall the experience was one of turning back the clock to 1995 and earlier !!

Overall I had a top time, but forgot about that weird end of the night thing were everyone staggers about in their own little drunk haze (yes it has been that long). Maximum thanks to grannyannie for telling me about the small and quiet taxi rank down near infirmary street. After a short walk down hill got a normally priced taxi and had a smooth ride home, were Rach was still up (after returning from her night out ) and made me pizza. Top!

Only question is when can I do this again?!?!

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