And I feel no shame about making that statement. None whatsoever! Its long overdue, and while my job is no way taxing or stressful summer is always somewhat of a poisoned chalice working in IT. Everyone else is away, and your working in a sweatbox of an office finishing off a project – with your principal contacts on holiday. Bastards.

Well now I’m one of them. HA HA

Saturday: Caught up with TV watching (Heroes, The Wire) in the morning while looking after Eve. When Rach got up, whizzed arround cleaning up the house in preparation for….

Sunday was the day of Newtcon, which I’ll whitter on in more detail over on

, but suffice to say we had a room full of rpgers, two fantastic games, beer, german wheat beer, strange Belgian fruit beers, and more sugary and carbohydrate  foodstuffs than it was safe to eat. Was fine will be doing it again.

Monday, was a day left sculking around Castle Von Newport, with what roughly equates as a hangover. Rach had her little cohort of Midwifes with babies round, so I got to do lots of game playing and sitting out in the garden, which I realised that I’ve never properly done in the year and a half we’ve been here.

Today have had a lovely day with my lovely daughter. Lots of laughing and playing. A walk with the pram over to Tandle Hill Park a trip to Asda, during which Eve giggled her head off non-stop.

Plans for the rest of the week. Go visit my mum and spend some time with her tomorrow. Thursday, Eve gets her 3rd batch of kiddie vaccinations. Friday Blue Planet aquarium near Chester.

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