Life is good

The rest of my week off was good. Visit to mum’s went well (slightly guilty that I’m so busy at the moment), Blue Planet was awesome (see picture left) although slightly too packed with ankle bitters. The rest of the week was spent pottering around the house.

Went to Lyme Park near Stockport last weekend and it was certainly the WIN! Had a lovely day out with my ladies, although didn’t spend as much time inside the house due to Eve being a bit cranky. Had a great slice of cake and coffee in the Timber yard cafe after walking round the gardens on a lovely sunny day. We were going to join the National Trust, and lucky us they were doing a 3months free offer that day!! Woohoo!! On the way home I also spotted a Farm/Petting Zoo which will keep Rach happy when I’m off next week.

Work continues to be a poisoned chalice. Got notice that Central HR have turned down everyones EVRS, but there’s also a strong rumour going round that the President’s office is overturning these decisions. So watch this space. On a more possitive note finally finishing off some longstanding projects (student/staff intranets). Its always good to get things finished after seeing them draggggg on for so long, plus once I’ve cleared my current work load I’ve got space for some personal development whooohoo!! I’m definatly getting on with moving into Freelancing/Self-employment.

In RPG news, Furnace fast approaches (20-21 Oct), work on SimpleQuest draft one is nearly done as is Monkey (end of next week) and I’ve managed to get my paws on a playtest copy of a certain much anticpated RPG coming out early next year!

Next week I’m off, Mum’s Birthday, Mine and Rach’s Anniversy, trip to see paint_repaint in Sheffield (bro+beer=Good) and meet up with the rest of the Furnace commitee (darransims, gspearing, tzunder)

eee life is grand!

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