The big hmmmn

My mood has bounced back into violently happy. Alot of this has to do with the fact I had a lovely normal weekend with Rach. That’s right for the first time since she’s been back at work (getting on a good five months) she’s not been put down to work a shift. So we had a lovely little ‘normal’ family weekend. Nothing particularly exciting but it did my mental health a world of good.

Update on the health front, after a visit to the GP last week I’m officallly a fat bastard and now on a diet and have made a solemn and binding pact to increasing my exercise levels.  My little scare last week was a form of heartburn (as timgray suggested), but I’m taking it as warning sign I shouldn’t ignore. Heck I’ve been getting warning signs I shouldn’t ignore for years. Now time to do something about it, in a conistant sensible way.

Furnace threatens to suck me into vortex of pre-con stress, since I’m doing to much and have too little tiime to do it. Might have to drop some of the things I’m doing, because I’m now at the time I’ve not got any time to finish them off. I’ll be making a sensible measured decision about this later.  Nutter that I am, I’m already mentally making a list of stuff I’m going to work on post-furnace.

In other news I’ve started a new blog for Hearts in Glorantha, which as well as a preview of next issue has the start of a review of HeroQuest 2. See it here

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