Winter blooz

Overall the family are suffering a bout of the winter blues at the moment. Rach has a back that’s been giving her agony for a week and a half now. Evie is has just recovered from a cold. I’ve had the best of both worlds, a mild cold and a pain in my right lower back. Joy.

But us Newport’s solider on and we’ve had a nice restful weekend keeping nice and warm in the house.

Its not all been seasonal depression though. I managed to sneak out Issue 2 of Hearts in Glorantha. A milestone in a couple of ways, not least that it means that HiG is a sustainable venture, since about 75% of the submissions we’re made in two weeks of the last issue coming out!! Also its got my head in ‘finishing’ mode. SimpleQuest is next on the release schedule and I’ve actually finished off writing it this week 🙂 Now all I have to do is work with my long suffering editor gspearing to get it finished and all user-friendly ready for release, Feb/Mar? Also to break up the monotony of D100 rules, did a bit of writing for my Wordplay theme Infinite War again with the aim of getting that finished before the end of the month.

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