Still I rise*

Oh woe is me, I’ve been so tied  up tightly in myself it hurts!

Its been getting in the way of the massive amounts of AWESOME I’ve been experiencing recently and preventing me from making the BIG WIN!

No more, head out of arse so to speak. Banish the grumps, deny the whinge. With a ZING AND A ZANG , WATCH OUT WORLD HERE I COME!!

Recent Awesome and Win

  • Six days off work, including mucho gardening, father/daughter bonding and CHESTER ZOO!!!
  • D101 Awesomeness, Finishing off OpenQuest (June release definitely!), Finishing off Monkey and getting an ace cover from   a pro artist, starting off Savage North (OpenQuest Conanesque adventure book with John Ossoway author of Cthulhu Rising), getting HiG in shops (Patriot Games, Leisure Games ) and having issue 3 and 4 in the bag.
  • Work continuing to be pleasant with opportunities for future WIN identified.
  • Seeing Newtlet #2 via second scan and seeing it wiggle about.
  • Transformation of the house in anticipation of Newtlet #2
  • The garden coming into blossom

* an ace song by Barry Adamson btw and along with ‘Once in A life time’ by Talking Heads one of my favourite ‘life’ songs

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