Hello Hurray!!

Since the birth of my second child – Henry back in Sept its been like all the Slack ™ I’ve taken in the past (and man oh man has there been lots of that) has been repaid in full and with interest.  This of course has caused me no end of freak out and stress , but I think this week I’ve finally gottne on top of it all. I am master of a my own Slack ™ once more. As a result I shall be visiting Planet Freak out less and enjoying Ranch-Relaxo more.


Evie is  now a bubbly and excitable three year old.  Rach is a domestic goddess on a keep fit regime lossing weight at truely terrifc rate that puts me to shame. Henry is 9 months old and a happy smily chap who now has his first couple of teeth :)

Gaming is still quite a large focus of my life, but I’m going to be taking steps to do other stuff along side it. Personal Exercise and Gardening particular spring to mind.  Just returned from a truly triumphant Continuum convention in Leicester a couple of weekends ago.   I released Monkey , a long term project of mine, which sold out its initial print run :)

Work has become more intense recently, but despite a few tense moments I’m enjoying the change in pace and the learning curve. Planning on doing more web-programming in the coming months, and really making my skill set much more robust for big changes in the coming months.

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