The Magnificent Journey begins !

So here we are all present and correct in February.

January was a hell of a month and whizzed past at a terrifying pace.  Gradually I got used to the fact I now work two mini-weeklets seperated by a day at home. Its nice since it gets me away from the stress at work and into the bussom of my family on Wednesday, when I’m Dad in charge!!

Went down to Sheffield a the end of the month and back in time ten years when I went out with George on the town to celebrate his birthday. Had a skin full of real ale at various pubs and got a lot of exercise walking between said pubs up and down the hills of Sheff.  Throughly recommend local ska band Jungle Lion which we saw in a crowded late night bar which sold Hobgoblin on draft :)   Ended up at Al’s a mate of George’s gaff with discs being spin early into the morn. As I say time travel 10 years into my past ;)

It safe to say I’ve spent the last three weeks or so not knowing whether I was coming or going. Its quite strange, like a tidal wave rippling through my psyche.  So I’ve learnt how to balance myself and stay happy and calm no matter what, focusing alot of techniques I’ve learnt over the last twenty years. It all came together in a sold and tangable form at the begining of the week in an experience that I can describe as highly spiritual.

So now there are no ceilings, no worries, no fear :)

Time to watch it all peacefully unfold.

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