Vikings always make me feel better

I know its all fashionable to get all blue about the state of the world at this time of year and to give into some sort of perma-whinge. Me I just invoke my inner-Viking and think…..

What would a Viking do about about Brexit? Doesn’t care too busy raiding your coast and extorting tribute from your weak government!!!

American Presidential Election? Don’t care colonised America first and the long ships are sailing up the river to burn the Whitehouse down unless you pay us ALL YOUR GOLD! Donald Trump OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!! As for Hillary, we’ve got an axe for her too. We’ll put Burnie Saunders in charge because he’s popular with the peasants….sorry people, and he’s a weak…opps sorry slip of the tongue again ..reasonable ruler WHO WILL OBEDIENTLY BE PAYING THE TRIBUTE WE WILL BE DEMANDING FROM NOW ON!!!

Ask a Viking what he thinks of “Writer’s Imposter Syndrome” and he’ll go “What is this weak writing business where we pass around illuminated manuscripts via the internets. Its for girly monks with their long rubbish sackcloth dresses and hairy shirts stuck in their shitty little cold monestrys. Don’t worry we will be coming soon and raising the temperature with hot fire and illustrating the manuscripts with their blood!”

See Vikings make everything better 🙂

Or else….

Tribute or head bashing in?
Tribute or head bashing in?

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